I am You. Other Life Scenarios Youth Exchange begins

We are happy to announce that we started a youth exchange I am You. Other Life Scenarious in Brodilovo on the topic of migration.
It will run 19-26 October and is supported by Erasmus + K1 action.


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The main goal of the project is to develop understanding about the various causes for migration (to, from and within the EU) in order to create space for development of fundamental European core values, tolerance and respect trough participation and inclusion of marginalized young people.
The concrete objectives of the youth mobility are:
1. To create environment for development of EU recognized social core values: initiative, unity, democracy, inclusion, acceptance, responsibility, solidarity, creativity and multicultural understanding;
2. To make participants more tolerant and strengthen the role of young people in identifying and speaking up for human rights, migration, diversity and other cultures;
3. To create safe space of tolerance where opinions, similarities and differences can be freely expressed, discussed and appreciated;
4. To empower the young people to participate in shaping a more tolerant and just society in their communities
5. To facilitate cross-cultural learning among participants from different marginalized backgrounds;
6. To improve access to the Erasmus+ programme and social inclusion of marginalized and
disadvantaged youth.
The participants are 31 young people from Bulgaria, Serbia, Macedonia, Estonia, Italy and Spain.