This old bicycle of yours…

We collect old bicycles, as well as parts & gadgets for bikes, and are going to use them in the workshop we are doing with the youngsters from Angel Uzunov Boarding School in Rakitovo.

As you may know, according to our current project involving the adolescents from the Boarding School in Rakitovo, we are doing a course for the boys to teach them how to repair and maintain bicycles. It proved to be the project of greatest interest for them so far. For three weekends in a row they are going to learn the basic techniques for bike repair and maintenance. In this way they will have the chance to assemble their own bikes and ride them on the brand new track we are going to build together.

To make all this come true we are in want of old bikes, bike frames and other parts & gadgets, and for which we need your support. Long-forgotten items of the kind from your basement or cupboards could help us to bring the idea to life. What’s more important, however, is that through such initiatives the boys in similar institutions could be taught basic skills, which could turn cycling into a rejuvenating hobby and give them background experience for their future realization on the labour market. On the other hand, you will share your favourite pastime passion and pass it on to these adolescents whose life up to now has been full of hardships. This is also a way for them to unravel new and unexpected emotions.

For the assembling of 10 bikes we need basically the following parts:

– old or unused bikes

– frames, fork wheels, rubber tires

– rims, hubs, plaited wheels

– seats, cranks

– and the like

You can deliver the parts you want to donate to the Fix & Ride stores in Sofia at 28 Khan Asparuh Str. For all of you who are outside the capital, please contact our team at or call us on 0888 012 739, so that we may organize a courier shipment at the expense of Re-Act.

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Thank you for caring!