Professional Forums “How-To”

The goal of this project is to teach unemployed young people, residing in the capital of Sofia and the small towns in Western Bulgaria, how to establish a successful mechanism for gathering relevant information and for professional adaptation. This initiative is the first of its kind. It will help these young people to acquire practical skills for coping with the challenges of the labour market and for overcoming unemployment by taking part in trainings, which will teach them how to search, apply and, ultimately, find a job.
Our idea is to combine, on the one hand, traditional approaches such as trainings, conducted by companies specializing in the field and based in Sofia only, together with, on the other hand, unconventional labour forums. The event scheduled for 18 May 2013, will be held at Sofia University “Kliment Ohridski” where the main participants are going to be NGOs and socially engaged companies. According to the agenda the presenters will offer training opportunities at major local NGOs, working possibilities at companies from the social sphere and state institutions, chances for practical activities at companies and meeting entrepreneurs greatly involved in social initiatives.
The participators will take part in a separate training to get to know to employers’ real expectations. It will be conducted by experienced HR specialists and will apply the following approaches:

Interactive trainings
Approaches to continuing informal education, considered to be a part of one’s personal advance and leadership skills development
Dummy interviews
Simulation of a real job search
Providing theoretical background – how to structure a CV, compose a cover letter and the like
Role-playing games – carry out games, discuss what the most frequently encountered problems are while going in for an interview
Building up enough skills for the young people to choose a profession for themselves
These trainings are going to be conducted in Vratza, Pernik, Blagoevgrad, Kiustendil and Sofia and are starting at the beginning of April. By this time each participant will have gone through a specific process of educational preparation, which is not yet provided by the state anywhere in the country, either at high school, or at university. In the meantime, each young participant is going to have the chance to partake in the discussion groups of SMART Foundation and in the forum, arranged by Re-Act on 18 May 2013.
Our project is going provide an opportunity to all currently unemployed and studying people, aged 15-29 and residing in Sofia, Blagoevgrad, Kiustendil, Vratza and Pernik, to take part in the training programs for free. As the conference rooms where the trainings will take place are of limited capacity, please subscribe to the desired workshops in advance.
The participants will have the opportunity to assess their knowledge, interests and former experience, and to cultivate skills such as entrepreneurship and flexibility, which they are going to need with a view to their successful future realization. They will get to know the means for their effective positioning on the labour market, and to acquire social skills and motivation. All this corresponds to our priorities for encouraging such young people’s personal development, economic activity and initiative, especially those of them living in small towns and regions. Our fundamental goal is to reduce the risk of social exclusion and youth unemployment, the latter of which is rising.
More Details
With the implementation of this initiative Re-Act attempts at gaining valuable experience, which is going to become a future reference platform for other similar organizations outside the capital city. In this context, our work is subject to the set-up of a thorough system, a complete mechanism, which we wish to share with other institutions all over the country and which, in turn, they can apply.