Our mission

To help (using enthusiasm, proficiency and lots of goodness) the socially disadvantaged children receive better living conditions, professional realization and social integration.


Our main goal is to qualitatively change the living conditions and the opportunities for professional realization and personal development of the socially disadvantaged children placed under institutional or foster care.

Our projects are based on analyses of the existing cares for socially disadvantaged children as well as of their own intellectual and social needs and interests, their psychological problems and their capabilities of personal and professional development in the future. Based on the information gathered we prepare, organize and conduct individual and group training programs for the children as well as for the staff of the specialized social institutions.

In the context of the existing social and economic circumstances in Bulgaria we are trying to contribute to the career development of all the adolescent children and youngsters who cannot choose or undertake the desired career path. We do so by organizing different trainings and offering support and orientation when searching for work or a change in the personal career development.

Last but not least we offer the enthusiastic and socially committed young people opportunities to participate as volunteers/trainees in the implementation of our projects, giving them a chance to gain experience in the NGO sector, human resources and social activities. In this way, these young people are also contributing to the development of the civil society and the humanitarian initiatives in Bulgaria.

Our mission is open and addressed to all people, NGOs and government institutions in Bulgaria and abroad, that are willing to participate with us in the realization of different projects in the above mentioned areas.


The success of our enterprise is due to the huge enthusiasm and soul with which each one of us, of our friends and partners is trying to participate in the projects which we realize.

We are convinced that for the achievement of our goals people with different opinions, ideas, characters and professional experience (even if it is not related to social activities) are needed, and that it is enough if those people carry a good heart within and are ready not to turn their heads aside from the pains and the social issues of the society we’re living in.

We cannot stand still. We do not like waiting and we do not share the ideas that the social issues in Bulgaria will “self heal” themselves and that the civil society, the humaneness and the means of mutual aid will be born from nothing.